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Dr. Haasseem Mohammed, D.C
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I have been working with Dr Hass for 2 months and can tell you that he is an expert in his field! I used to work with a chiro who worked for an NFL team. People think highly of someone like that because when you work on professional athletes, you have to be great at your job. Well, Dr Hass blows away any chiro I have ever been to. After one session with him, I slept thru the night!!!!! I haven’t done that for many years!!! He is passionate, kind and truly cares about his patients. He is so precise with looking at the body as a whole, not just the area where the pain is coming from. I was recommended to him by another chiro who said he could not do right by me and that Dr Hass could help. He was correct. I am feeling so much better in such a short amount of time. Thank you Dr Hass for helping me live life to its fullest. I am very grateful for you. You are a gift to this world!!
I’ve seen 15-20 chiropractors in my life, and Dr. Haas is among the (if not the) best. I recommend him to everyone.
I was referred to Dr. Haas by a friend and was impressed by the fact he is a certified Chiropractor Biophysics (CBP). He is very knowledgeable and goes beyond just adjustments. Dr. Haas takes the time to take a medical history, perform an x-ray, and provides the right exercises to bring the spine back into alignment. I have had migraines since I was in elementary school and many doctors from different specialties were unable to determine the root cause and just prescribed medication. However, I knew I had a musculoskeletal component which Dr. Haas was able to point out the issues in my cervical and lumbar spine that were causing the migraines. I have significantly reduced the frequency of the migraines and improved the quality of my life since seeing Dr. Haas. In addition to being his patient, I refer all my clients to him as well. We both believe that Functional Medicine and Chiropractics create a synergistic effect to bring balance and healing to the body. He is definitely the best chiropractor in South Florida!
I would off myself without Dr haas. He helps me more than I can explain. And he’s a great guy and very knowledgeable even beyond chiropractic
Dr Haas was referred to me by my son who is a chiropractor in Atlanta. I see a chiropractor up in New York where we are from. About 5 years ago we bought a house in Lake Worth, Fl. My back has been bad for a number of years so I was afraid to spend the winter without some chiropractic help. Dr. Haas was great from the moment I met him. He explains in detail what the x-rays show and then sets up a treatment plan that maximizes healing. He also sets up an exercise program that will also speed the healing process.Dr. Haas' staff is also first rate. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Haas for anybody suffering with back, neck, and any other orthopedic pain. I look forward to returning next winter without having to worry about my back.
Dr Haasseem is definitely the Best. Very Caring and Knowledgeable.
Dr Haasseem is a life safer. He is very knowledgeable on his practice of work. He has save me from two bad back accidents and left me like new. I have been seeing him for the last 2 years even for regular adjustments and will continue to comeback. I recommend him to everyone. Thanks for everything Dr. Haasseem.. 👍
Dr Haas is very talented, caring and compassionate. I've been receiving care from him for a couple of years now and I highly recommend him to family and friends. His techniques are producing results that I've never experienced before.I have several cervical vertebra that are fused together as a result of an accident in 1994. I trust Dr Hass so much that I will allow him to adjust my neck. I have had great results from the work we have done over the past couple of years.The office staff is friendly and supportive. They all care about what they do.
Dr. Haasseem is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. He truly cares about the well being and quality of life of his patients, doing his absolute best to make sure that you feel 100% healthy. His perseverance and caring personality make every visit worth while and I leave the office not only feeling much better, but also learning about how to maintain and improve my health on my own.His philosophy of chiropractic is to not only treat the patient but to also show them how to care for and maintain the adjustments that he provides as well as their general health. He uses chiropractic biophysics to accomplish this and gives you a home routine of exercises to maintain your spinal alignment which is something I have never experienced with any other chiropractor. This approach has worked extremely well and I have noticed a significant improvement in my quality of life. I feel the most healthy I have ever been.As an athlete, I train full time which puts my body under extreme stress. Despite all of the abuse that I put my body through, Dr Haasseem's treatment and home exercise routine have allowed me to keep my body injury free which is something I struggled with a lot in the past. After working with Dr. Haasseem I can guarantee his treatment is effective. Now I can also take his health care teachings in chiropractic and general health with me while I am away for the next 6 months to maintain the work that he has done with me.Not only is he an excellent chiropractor, he is also an amazing and kind person whom I respect. His staff is excellent and knowledgeable as well and they provide the best environment to recover and get better. I feel welcomed every visit and I highly recommend Dr. Haasseem and the help of his staff. It's truly a priceless experience.
Dr. Haasseem is hands down the best chiropractor I have ever been to. His hands are magic! With a background in massage therapy coupled with his intense passion for chiropractics, Dr. Hass is committed to his patients wellness; after spending 5 minutes with him, you will see this. He goes above and beyond and he truly cares.He radiates expertise and is truly knowledgable in his craft. He hosts education seminars which speaks volume to his expert competence. Not to mention he is highly qualified; one of the few CBP chiropractic professionals in the world!I live 3 hours away from his office, and I still make the drive to see him as needed. There is no other doctor I'd trust. He recommended this DennerRoll cervical neck pillow that helps immensely when I cannot visit him. He also tailored an exercise routine unique to my spinal anatomy to help correct my postural deficits, alleviating my pain. I highly recommend him to everyone I know. You will not regret giving him a try! Your body will thank you!
Dr. Haass is one of my favorite Doctors! He is so patient and easy to talk to. He's always willing to do anything possible to help you. His number one concern is you. Whenever I leave his office I feel like a new me. He really cares about you and I wouldn't trust anyone else to do the job. He always pushes me to be a better me. I value his honesty and professionalism.
He helps you feel like A WHOLE NEW PERSON!I did not realize how much physical fatigue can effect your mental health, but my mind feels so clear after every adjustment. It is as if the ON switch has been turned on in my body. The best part is that he is very passionate in helping you improve the quality of your life. He explains why things hurt and how it affects your body. Coming here changed my life.The best and only advanced certified Doctor in Chiropractic BioPhysics in Florida.
Dr. Haasseem Mohammed is an Amazing Chiropractor ,very professional ,compassionate, and most of all very gentle with his hands , his massage therapy experience, makes him more knowledgeable of the Human Anatomy the insertion of muscle and bone. I suffer with spondylitis of the spine for a year, I am an Radiographer very athletic, saw 3 Neurologist,sports medicine doctor's and Rheumatoid specialist. Medicine beyond my imagination was prescribe to me.My pain was unexplainable , I live in Houston ,went to Florida ,had five treatments with Dr. Mohammed. I was able to raise my arms for chair pose in yoga ,no pain in the shoulders, lift weights ,swim,run with ease. Dr Mohammed adjusted my neck and lower back ,and with proper technique ,decompress my spine ,ice and with simple exercise to strengthening the muscle of the back ,which I continue to do for maintenance . I trust Dr. Haasseem Mohammed , my quality of life is much better and normal .
Dr. Haas is one of the most knowledgable doctors I have ever met. He is an amazing man. And, he truly cares about his patients. He has helped me in many ways and I am truly grateful that I met him and chose to trust him with my health.
If I could summarize this in two words.........PAIN FREE!!Now, let me explain what this means to ME. I am a very active person, always involved in sports and I play soccer religiously. About 6 years ago, I started experiencing pain in my left calf and decided to visit my Dr. Here were my steps....Step 1 - Referred to NeurologistThe Neurologist did exams and MRI, determined that I have a bulging disc and recommended physical therapy to help. If that did not work, she recommended surgery.Step 2 - Physical TherapyI attended PT twice a week for 3 months, and while attending and performing various exercises, the pain was not getting any better. I still continued the treatment and at the end of 3 months, I opted out of another 3 months of therapy as there was no decrease in discomfort or pain.Step 3 - Living with painAs much of the American adult population, I realized that since I was not willing to have surgery and the PT did not help, as well as my physician recommended pain pills but nothing else, I was now part of that growing population who continue to do what I love (play soccer, gym etc) and learn to mentally block out the pain.Step 4 - Unbearable painI revisited my physician, explained the situation that occurred before and that I did not want to do surgery. She recommended that I have a CT Scan or another MRI done as the pain could be from excess fat that I was carrying (I am not overweight by the way). At this point, the pain was so extreme that I no longer enjoyed a good night's sleep, I would get up at 2am to take pain killers because of the pain.Step 5 - Visited a ChiroI was never one to have regular chiro visits, but this pain was to the point that I would try anything. I visit a Chiro in Boca, he was very friendly and examined my situation. He took some x-rays and determined that I just need some adjustments. I started to visit him 2 times a week for the next 2 months. After these 16 visits, I realized that the pain was not going away, but at least I was able to sleep better. I had to now lay in specific positions to alleviate the pain, but it was somewhat better. Surely this could not be my new way of life.Step 6 - PAIN FREEI visited Dr Haas' office in April 2015 from a referral of a friend. They advised me that was not just another chiro, he was trained and experienced in what is called Chripractic Biophysics. I read up on it as this was pretty new to me. I am going to give you the shortened version of my 'step 6'. My initial consult with Dr Haas involved a thorough examination and also xrays to correctly determine my situation. He advised me something that was not told to me by any other DR or physical therapist.......the pain in my left calf was a direct result of my L-5 from my back (which I was told once before), but that with therapy and treatment......I WOULD BE PAIN FREE! For anyone who knows what it feels like to live with pain, this was surely something I would follow. After visiting his office 3 times a week, getting adjustments but more importantly receiving treatment for my situation in his office (under careful instructions and examination), my pain was reduced to 50% within the first week. After 3 months of care under Dr Haas.....I am now living PAIN FREE. I can't tell you what those words mean to me!!I wanted to mention that apart from my left calf muscle pain that has been eliminated and has not returned for almost 8 months now, Dr Haas was also able to correct my posture, a neck injury I had in 2000 in a car crash (had pain there too, again another living situation that we accept as time goes by) and also I can play soccer, work out and be active the way I know how.....with no limitations.I was never someone to visit the Dr office, even at times when I'm sick, but Dr Haas has changed my life forever! I know most people may not do anything to help their pain as they think (like me), it would go away, but please take my advise and visit Dr Haas for an evaluation. It will be the best medical decision of your life! Thanks so much Dr Haas!!
Dr. Haasseem is the only Advanced Certified Doctor in Chiropractic BioPhysics in the state of Florida. He is very passionate about what he does and it shows through his patient care. He listens and pays attention to the detail. As an avid gym goer, I originally went in for lower back pain. I also suffered from insomnia which progressively got worse. I also had hypothyroidism. After 3 months of continuous care, I began to sleep a full 8 hours a night which I have not done for years!!! In the past, 4 hours was a good night!! I recently went back to check my thyroid and my labs came back normal! The only change I made was seeing Dr. Haasseem and the Chiropractic BioPhysics difference. He truly changed my life!!.