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scoliosis x-ray of the upper back
scoliosis x-ray of the lower back

The spine should be straight when viewed from the front. A scoliosis is an abnormal alignment, with a lateral bend measuring more than 10 degrees of curve with rotation of the vertebrae of the spine.

This abnormal curvature can cause poor posture, premature degenerative joint disease, asymmetrical hips, rib cage humping, unlevel shoulders and pain. This can affect ones self confidence and self image and in advanced cases, can lead to heart and lung problems.

scoliosis assessment
forward bending scoliosis assessment

Should you notice any one or more of these signs, you should consult a trained Scoliosis Clinician for a full assessment.

Scoliosis can be permanent, although in many cases with the right intervention of specific types of exercises, traction or bracing if necessary, people can get tremendous relief, prevent progression and see improvement.

How to Identify Signs of a scoliosis?

identify scoliosis diagram

If you see any of these signs, call for a consult with a doctor properly trained to evaluate, diagnose and treat scoliosis.

Are There Different Types of scoliosis?


“Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis” is the most common type. Idiopathic means “unknown origin” although research suggest there is a genetic predisposition in many cases.

  • Juvenile Scoliosis – Younger children ages 3-10
  • Infantile Scoliosis – babies
  • Adult onset Scoliosis – Also called De Novo Scoliosis. This can happen due to spinal degeneration and advancing age.

If left untreated, scoliosis sometimes progresses and requires surgery that fuses the bones together by inserting metal rods and anchoring them into the bones with screws as shown in the picture below.

scoliosis surgery

Although if the correct approach is used early enough, you can halt the progression, and reduce the need for surgery.

Risk of Progression of AIS table

The problem is not a shortage of pain medication, and the current medical approach taken in the U.S. of watching and waiting can be frustrating for parents and patients. But fortunately new advances in research utilizing patient specific protocols used in this clinic have been shown to be effective treatments.

In addition for larger curves with high risk of progression the new Scolibrace offers these patients new hope.

Scoliosis treatment in Delray Beach, FL



Not your usual PT types of exercises, but scoliosis specific exercises designed to help each individual patient with their particular curvature of the spine.

Mechanical Traction-

Patient specific types of traction designed to aid in the improvement of the scoliosis.

Scoliosis Bracing

Dr Haasseem uses the scolibrace coming out of Australia as it has been shown to be a better option than the traditional braces.

The most common brace in the US is the Boston Brace which works primarily in one dimension only.

The Charleston Bending Brace – only worn while sleeping, and molded while the patient is bent to the side, applying more pressure against the curve, and has been shown to be just as effective as the Boston Brace worn for 23 hrs/day for certain curves.

The Modern Scolibrace – Unlike old traditional braces. The scolibrace places the patient into their “mirror image” or overcorrected position. For example if a patient’s curve is shifting to the right and bending to the left. The scolibrace would shift them to the left and bend them to the right by using a 3D body scan, X-ray and posture photos to create a true 3 dimensional brace.

Each brace is custom made, and modifications can be made in office by the doctor for additional comfort and effectiveness.

This type of bracing is most effective for curves between 20-50 degrees. Although we have braced larger curves for patients who wanted to avoid surgery.

For local patients, you can call the office and schedule a free consultation.

For patients coming in from out of town or flying in from another country, you can also talk to the doctor about an intensive 1-4 week in office treatment that is sometimes combined with scanning and fitting of the Scolibrace.

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