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Scoliosis bracing results

Scoliosis is a mechanical problem and requires a mechanical solution. For mild and moderate scoliosis cases, exercises and spinal traction can be effective at managing scoliosis. In cases of more significant scoliosis, correction exercises and traction may not work as effectively when used alone. And in those situations, bracing may become necessary to prevent a scoliosis from progressing to the point of needing surgery.

When you use bracing, it will generally be in cases where there is a higher risk of progressive worsening of spinal curvature. The bracing can arrest that progression and hopefully achieve some level of improvement. Several options for braces are available, and the type selected will depend on your body type, age, and degree of spinal curvature. At our Delray Beach chiropractic clinic Dr. Haasseem is well-versed in various bracing options. Dr. Haasseem, with his extensive experience, will recommend the type scoliosis bracing most appropriate for your (or your child’s) situation to achieve the very best results.

Types of scoliosis bracing


Some bracing is more effective than others

Scoliosis bracing may serve to arrest the progression of spinal curvature in various ways, as described above. Here are some of the most common bracing types in use today:

  • Boston Brace – Probably the most commonly used scoliosis brace in North America. This particular brace is ideal for children and adolescents and is custom-fitted to the body using plastic. It functions by applying pressure at three different points, intending to prevent the progress of any curvature.
  • Charleston Bending Brace – This brace is typically worn during sleep, and it is fitted to the patient as they bend at the side. With the brace, more pressure is applied, bending the subject strongly against the curve. This force is what results in the corrective action. Several studies have shown that a brace worn only at night can be just as effective as one which is worn throughout the day, but this applies only to certain types of spinal curvatures.
  • ScoliBrace – This is the newest brace to be developed for treating scoliosis, and it’s unique from all the others in several ways. This brace aims to position the patient in a stance that over-corrects to the point where it becomes a mirror image of the original deformity experienced by the patient. In most cases, this can achieve a REDUCTION of the spinal curvature. Most patients see improvement in their shoulder slumping, rib humping, and other posture abnormalities. This brace has shown excellent results in improving posture and general body appearance in a relatively brief period.

Effectiveness of bracing


Bracing can be an alternative to surgery

For the most part, bracing is used on individuals with a spinal curvature between 20° and 50°. There have also been instances where individuals with spinal curvatures of 70° have benefited from bracing. Bracing can be a very appealing alternative to surgery, especially since the results from surgery are not always as positive as one might expect.

A modern ScoliBrace is custom-made after body scans are conducted, combined with x-rays and posture photos. Then Computer-Aided Design (CAD) software is used to customize a brace for the individual. The scoliosis brace will be custom fitted right in the office by Dr. Haasseem. The use of this bracing offers the best hope for most people struggling with scoliosis.

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