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Untreated shoulder pain can spread or intensify.

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There are quite a few reasons why people experience shoulder pain, and in some cases, the cause of that pain isn’t anywhere near the shoulder itself. Pain caused by the trapezius muscle between your shoulder joint and your lower neck is what people often describe as shoulder pain. Rather than being associated with any trauma to the shoulder, this pain is commonly caused by neck problems or upper back problems, most notably poor posture. Of course, you can also experience legitimate shoulder pain due to an underlying issue with the shoulder joint itself, or the muscles that support it. Most people notice this kind of pain when performing a shoulder motion.

When you live in Delray Beach and have shoulder pain


Let us help you discover why your shoulder hurts

Typically, the first instinct many people have when experiencing shoulder pain is to take some form of medication or painkiller that can provide relief. The problem is this doesn’t address the actual cause of pain. It is merely hiding the symptoms. So once the medicine wears off, the pain will return leading you to pop another pill.

Dr. Haasseem at his Delray Beach chiropractic center has extensive experience in locating and then correcting the actual cause of your pain rather than relying on painkillers. Receiving chiropractic care is far different than masking your pain and symptoms with drugs. A properly trained chiropractor will work on your shoulder’s tendons, ligaments, bones, cartilage, joints, and connective tissues to get you back to full function.

Any stress or injury associated with your musculoskeletal system will be corrected and alleviated so that you can once again have a pain-free existence. If you experience shoulder pain, it is most likely due to spinal misalignment or a neck injury. Essentially, this is because your shoulder is a sensitive joint connected to your spine, neck, and the rest of your body. If there is a problem with the shoulder joint itself, we will be able to differentiate the issues and work to correct any shoulder and spine problems.

An accidental fall could easily cause a neck or back misalignment, resulting in shoulder stress and undue pressure on ligaments, your spine, and back nerves. A chiropractor trained in injury management will understand that shoulder pain can be triggered by all kinds of issues not directly related to the shoulder itself and these will be explored and identified.

Our approach to shoulder pain treatment


If your shoulder hurts when you lift your arm we can help

The first thing we do when you come to our Delray Beach chiropractic center for shoulder pain is to go over your health history with you. So we can determine any factors from your past that may influence your present recovery program. Then we’ll attempt to get right to the heart of the issue by:

  • finding precisely what’s causing your shoulder pain
  • use our modern diagnostic equipment, x-rays, and even order MRIs if it becomes necessary
  • all the information we accumulate from these tests should tell us specifically what the source of your shoulder pain is
  • now we can develop a customized treatment program and begin your road to recovery.

Our personalized treatment programs incorporate several features specifically customized to your circumstances. We will incorporate spinal and shoulder adjustments, stretches, and exercises to correct the underlying cause of the pain. These will help return you to a more pain-free lifestyle as quickly as possible.

Get your shoulder pain treated today by our CBP Trained Chiropractor. Moreover, Optimum Life Health Center offers wellness plans for those seeking to remain healthy once their problems have been resolved. Book an appointment with us today!

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